This was a bicycle rally. The tour was from Kathmandu to Charikot. The basic reason for the travel was to give farewell to Mr. Puskar Shah who was going to climb Mt. Everest. He has already travelled 150 countries in bicycle. The rally started on 7th of April 2010 and lasted for next 3 days.

The rally:

Day 1


At Khulamanch


National flag handed to Puskar

As scheduled all people had gathered at Khulla Manch and we all travelled to President’s House. A formal programme was organized to hand over National flag to Puskar by the president. The programme consumed lots of time unnecessarily. After the programme was over we tied flag of 150 nations and rallied across the city traversing Patan Heritage Site. After that we travelled to Banepa crossing Bhaktapur and having launch on the road.


Roksi at Dhulikhel


Nirjala sis(right) at Dhulikher with another psyco..

Local people of Dhulikhel had organized a programme to welcome our rally so we had to stop there. Dhulikhelis were serving serious stuff (raksi) for good luck. I wonder would it bring good luck or good accident.

For next 10 km the travel was downhill from Dhulikhel to Panchkhal. And lots of scratches as well. How many people fell off from there bicycle? No records. Had there been some girls riding the bicycle then surely the record would have been doubled.

From Panchkhal we had to reach Dolalghat. Dolalghat was the final destination for the first day. At Dolalghat open camp was organized to pass the night. More raksi at the camping site was provied which made some of our guys sing the song for rest of the night while rest of the guys couldn’t sleep due to irritating noise of the song. The song became like a theme song for the rest of the trip. The song was “हे बैनी कमला……आफ्नो जोबन आफै स्महाल”.Ah.. its irritating to write it as well.

Day 2





Near Puskar’s house

Next morning was no good as well because when we woke up all the guys already had had their brekfast. So we were left hungry in the morning. With Glucose-D power from Anoj we travelled toward Khadichour where we had our launch as well. From this place there is steep uphill climbing so the organizer had planned to carry us and our bicycle on bus. From Khadichour to Kharidhunga we were in bus. Then again on downhill slope to Charikot we were riding our bicycle. Before reaching Charikot a programme was organized to welcome us near the house of Puskar where his mother put tika and gave us Mohi to quench our thirst.

After that we were at Charikot in 10 minutes. Again there was also a programme organized by local people and we were the guest. It’s good to be guest. Free stuffs, you know! 😉

After mess up for arranging room to sleep, we were taken for the dinner 1km away from the lodge. Some (stupid) girls had gone to temple so we had to wait for them at the hotel which consumed more than an hour.

Day 3

Early in the morning we cycled to the same temple which made us wait the previous day. The temple is called Dolakha Bhimsen. On the way Naran injured himself at the steep bend on the downhill. However he managed to reach the temple and return back as well.

After returning back to Charikot bazzar and brief photosession we loaded our bicycle in the bus and travelled back to Kathmandu. We reached the kathmandu on the same day. It was friday.

Crazy thing:

  • Photo session at President’s house….
  • The irritating song….“हे बैनी कमला……आफ्नो जोबन आफै स्महाल”


Sad thing:

  • Naran’s Accident