Personal experiences

The direct experience one gets at first is physical one like getting tired at the end of each day after a long walk. While social and spiritual experiences has deeper impact.

Since this was not trekking expedition we were far ahead than estimated time for the tourists. We were almost twice faster. As our sleeping bags were not very good one it felt cold there. But thanks to hotel owners who provide bed to sleep and rugs to cover body. The kitchen of hotel is place where not only food is served but also it acts as gathering place for all the visitors and socialize with each other.

As we move from Taplejung towards north the faces changes from Rai-Limbu to Sherpa and language changes as well. The kitchen changes and spices in food changes as well. The hospitability of people changes. Value of money changes. Finally your mind changes. The majestic beauty changes everything.

Bad thing: People are money oriented. And it’s due to inflow of tourists who pays in insane way and makes difficult for people like us to go and enjoy at such places. Even if your heart wants to go there, money tries to put constraints in one way or other. Another thing I would like to mention is skin color speaks as well. If one white skin foreigner, people gets attracted and behaves well while opposite is true for local people. This ignorance can only be attributed to lack of education in the people. One day in the future this will fade away.

This article will not be complete without mentioning the porters (brothers I should say) who not only carried our luggage and instruments with us but also served as good friends and made our trip more enjoyable.

This experience will not expire, I hope….

Launch at Japantar

Busanta Dai

At Tapethowk

Farewell at Ghunsa at Himali Chungda

A tribute to IOE T-Shirt ;-)Rajes!

Kaka, Sylvi and Devu Dai

Struck at Tapethowk Police Station