..Khokana temple .anoj .hadicrafts .khokana bazzar .anoj .anoj
.jal-binayak, Chovar .First house with electricity in Nepal .First house with electricity in Nepal .Paddy fields ..Paddy fields ..Paddy fields
.Chovar bridge .anoj .anoj .anoj .Khokana temple .Khokana pond
.bazzar . .wooden lock .museum .museum .museum

khokana, a set on Flickr.

On 15 october 2011, with anoj i went to stretch legs on the field of western kathmandu. We hiked from kritipur to khokana and then to bungamati. Crosed the mustered field and the paddy fields.Clicked photos on the way.

Crossed bagmati at Chovar near Jalbinayak. Fields were yellow with flowers of mustard. Farmers were busy to harvest paddy. We Reached khokana in about three hours.

2 plates Choila,1 plate bara, 1 plate chatamari, 1 plate sukuti with 1 batuko chyang, beautiful Sauni and a Sunny saturday that is how life should be. No sunday, no monday..just saturday!

Via Flickr:
Khokana lies at the southern end of Kathmandu valley. Historically famous for mustard oil.