ummm… i don’t know why i am writing this. But i have to write this.I know you will not understand what i am trying to say. But i have to say this. You understand or not.

The far i try to be, more hard it becomes. You said last Thursday that this will be the last call you will make to me to meet. And i am afraid now, if that becomes real.

There is constantly only one name going in my head. I don’t know why, but the feeling of being together gives me more hope than anything else. Just be with me. I know i am coward. But you have become the person whom i remember when i am in trouble.You are my best friend ever.

I know i don’t share anything with you, like you do. But that is me. And you know all about me. Still i want to know everything you do. Yes, all little things you say annoys me. But when you don’t say those little things it makes me angry.

I know i cant keep you happy. But i also know i wont be happy without you.

I know i don’t care as much as you do to me.And definitely that hurts you. Onetime or other.You don’t say.But i can feel you.

Sorry. I always keep you down. And i know i am too possessive with you. Probably, i should change myself. But i know i cant change myself. And i don’t want you to change for me as well.

I don’t know if i love you. Or hate you. Or both. But in every good moments and troubling times, you are the one whom i want to be.