Long long ago there was a village where lived a man and women. They had a beautiful daughter. Each day the daughter was growing and becoming more beautiful. As the years passed by, her parents were getting old and they wanted a grand children. There was a holy tree in the village which was prayed as god of parenthood. So the girl went to the tree and prayed for a children. With the blessing of the god, she became pregnant and gave birth to a boy. But unfortunately, the boy died during the childbirth. She became unhappy. Due to old age her parents also died in the same year. After some time, she again went to the tree and prayed for a child. With the blessing of the god, she gave birth to a boy but she died during the childbirth. The baby was adopted by a another women in the village.

As the years passed by, the child grew strong and handsome. One day when he was going out for business to another village, he met a beautiful girl. Every time he went to that village, they had long talks and they loved each other very much. The step-mother didn’t knew at first that the boy was having relationship. But as the number of visit to the same village increased, she came to know about the boy and girl. She was very furious. She didn’t want the boy to marry that girl. So she planned to kill the boy. She asked some villager to gather at her house at the night and asked them to kill the boy at the night. That night, she called the boy for dinner. After the dinner, as planned, she ordered the villager to kill him and the boy was dead.

His body was taken near the river and burred.  The next day, the girl came to know what had happened to the boy. Hearing the news of demise of the boy, the girl couldn’t breath. She also died of the heart-attack. Seeing the situation and their true love, villagers decided to bury them together. So her body was taken near the river and then burred next to the boys body. However, the evil step mom still didnt wanted them to be together so she put a bamboo stick in between the graves of two lovers.

It is said that the two lovers became stars and went to heaven. The orange (red) star is the boy who was killed by the villagers. The red color is due his blood. And the bright blue star is the girl. It is believed that the bamboo stick also went to heaven in the form of 3 stars. The boy and the girl is on the opposite of the stick.