The high end technical professionals who are living in Nepal are partially(or completely) doing works that has been outsourced to Nepal. This means, these group of people who are likely to leave the country has not left the country. This naturally leads to increase in economic activities within the country and keeps the machine rolling.

Today, thousands of Nepalese are in good managerial position in top world class companies while hundreds of thousands are in medium or small companies all over the world. Why not make a collaborative effort by all Nepalese to outsource the work from their residing country to Nepal?

Yes, we are all busy. Family-work balance leads to no time for volunteer activities. But lobbying your company to outsource the work in cheaper market will definitely benefit the company you are working with. Hence leading to win-win situation on both sides. The young people of Nepal can work 18hr per day. They are committed to meet the international standards.

Why not talk to your boss to take a step? Why not you take the first step?

(dreaming again :p)

Kagoshima lies on the Kyushu island of Japan. Actually Japan has mainly five islands. Kyushu is one of them. Our good friend Naru San had invited in his house for the visit. His father lives in small hilltown near Sendai river at Satsuma. This place is famous for sweet potatoes and whiskey made from it. We stayed there from 16 to 20th May 2014.

Day 1:
On the first day, we took flight from Haneda airport to kagoshima airport. The view of Mt. Fuji from higher elevation was amazing. Last year when i climbed Mt. fuji, there was no snow. Now from the higher altitude, the view was magnificient, like a inverted ice cream. In evening, a barbeque party was organized where Mr. Matsumoto (freind of Naru san’s father) also accompanied us. In fact he accompanied us all the way in the trip as his car was our vehicel to travel. He was an intersting man who liked to talk and joke all the way round.

Day 2:
On the second day we went to visit kagoshima city. We visited the place where Saigo Takamura spent his last days before his Samurai-execution (forced suicide)(there is a famous movie “The last samurai” based on this character).  After that we went to see Mt. Sakurajima- which is an active volcano. Gases were coming from the vent of this volcano. I was surprised to see that, a large metro city just beside the active volcano.

Then we visited glass factory where the glassmakers were making very beautiful glasses by hand. The exhibition center showcased the glasses (bottles, cups, jewelleries). I noticed these pieces were more expensive than any ordinary jewelleries made from gold.

Sakurajima Volcano

Day 3:
On the third day, we wen to see the water fall (so called Niagara fall) in the upstream side of the Sendai river.

Then we went to another fall on a smaller stream at Nagona. The place was naturally beautiful. This place also had a glass factory. I saw the glass teapot which is the most expensive one that i saw till date.

In the night, we went to bank of Sendai river to see firefly. There were millions of firefly on the river bank. The light was coming out like a wave. The experience was amazing. In the same place Naru san taught the following song:


in english

ho ho ho taru koii
kochi no mizu wa amai zo
kochi no mizu wa nigai zo
ho ho ho taru koii

The literal translation is

firefly i love u
the water at this place is sweet
the water at this place is bitter
firefly i love u

Last day:
On the departing day, Naru san helped us to carry our baggage in his bicycle and came to drop us at bus stop (Miyanojoyachi). The bust stop was also beautiful and well decorated. A small train museum was inside the bus stop.

More photos at my panoramio account.

Long long ago there was a village where lived a man and women. They had a beautiful daughter. Each day the daughter was growing and becoming more beautiful. As the years passed by, her parents were getting old and they wanted a grand children. There was a holy tree in the village which was prayed as god of parenthood. So the girl went to the tree and prayed for a children. With the blessing of the god, she became pregnant and gave birth to a boy. But unfortunately, the boy died during the childbirth. She became unhappy. Due to old age her parents also died in the same year. After some time, she again went to the tree and prayed for a child. With the blessing of the god, she gave birth to a boy but she died during the childbirth. The baby was adopted by a another women in the village.

As the years passed by, the child grew strong and handsome. One day when he was going out for business to another village, he met a beautiful girl. Every time he went to that village, they had long talks and they loved each other very much. The step-mother didn’t knew at first that the boy was having relationship. But as the number of visit to the same village increased, she came to know about the boy and girl. She was very furious. She didn’t want the boy to marry that girl. So she planned to kill the boy. She asked some villager to gather at her house at the night and asked them to kill the boy at the night. That night, she called the boy for dinner. After the dinner, as planned, she ordered the villager to kill him and the boy was dead.

His body was taken near the river and burred.  The next day, the girl came to know what had happened to the boy. Hearing the news of demise of the boy, the girl couldn’t breath. She also died of the heart-attack. Seeing the situation and their true love, villagers decided to bury them together. So her body was taken near the river and then burred next to the boys body. However, the evil step mom still didnt wanted them to be together so she put a bamboo stick in between the graves of two lovers.

It is said that the two lovers became stars and went to heaven. The orange (red) star is the boy who was killed by the villagers. The red color is due his blood. And the bright blue star is the girl. It is believed that the bamboo stick also went to heaven in the form of 3 stars. The boy and the girl is on the opposite of the stick.



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