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Jan 12-18 2012

With a job to carry out field survey work, i got chance to visit Kenya. This was my first trip in an international flight. Sabin, Dr. Subarna Shrestha and Ajoy Karki were also traveling together with me during this trip. To reach Kenya from Nepal, a transit at Doha was required. (Un)Fortunately, we missed our flight at Doha and we were stranded for whole night in the Airport but the airlines authority provided free meal.The next morning we boarded the plane to Nairobi and reached there after 6 hours.

IMG_0077.JPG IMG_0084.JPG

We reached Nairobi after 6 hrs of flight. A hotel was booked for us (Methodist Guest House, a service of church). There we took rest for the night. We were scheduled to travel from the next day.

The visit to Kipsonoi


The first destination was Kipsonoi river in the north-western side of Kenya. To reach the place, we had to cross the Rift valley. In the first day, we traveled and met with authorities of Kenyan Tea Development Agency (KDTA) and we briefly visited the headworks site and powerhouse site with the authorities. That day, we stayed in the nearest town called Kerenga . From next day on we would be going to visit the Kipsonoi river from the same town and return back. On the next morning, we traveled to the headworks site. We made inspections almost half of the waterway alignment and rest was scheduled to be completed for the next day. We returned back to Kerenga and had our dinner in a hotel and drinks at a club house.


With KDTA people


The guest house

Next day was same as the first day. We traveled to the Kipsonoi and then made inspection of remaining part of the alignment. That afternoon we had feast of Beef and Potato’s prepared by Mr. John, our driver. We then returned back to the town. That day we had our dinner at a sports club.

Next day we were scheduled to reach Nairobi. In the way, we visited two power plants. One of them was almost 80 years old named Kerenga power station. The powerhouse was maintained clean and neat. It was impressive to see the managed powerplant. Similarly, we visited Taghabi power plant which has gone in renovation and up gradation recently. After inspections, we traveled back to Nairobi.

IMG_0097 (2).JPG

Kereng power station ESTD 1932

IMG_0247 (2).JPG

Tagabi Power plant

The visit to North Mathiyoa


The next destination of the visit was North Mathiyoa. We spent two days there traversing the alignment of waterways for development of hydropower project. We had meeting with officials. We also visited the tea factory and the guys there gifted us Kenyan tea. Kenya is world’s largest producer and exporter of tea. For this site Muranga town was our base station.

IMG_0561.JPG IMG_0568.JPG

Later we returned to Nairobi and stayed in a sports club. The hotel was grand but only few people were there. The next day we traveled to Nairobi and had meeting with Graeme Watson. On the same night we had dinner at Man Bdr. Rai. Tusker was the obvious beer in Kenya. We had same beer at Man Bdr. On the next day, we had flight back to Kathmandu. In the Nairobi airport we bought some African wine.

In Doha airport, Dr. Subarna was so drauzy that he left his newly bought DSLR camera in the airport while boarding the plane. Fortunately, the airport guys brought it back to plane.

IMG_0390.JPG IMG_0418 (2).JPG


Rift valley in the background


Standing on Igneous Rock


Wetland African

IMG_0256 (2).JPG

Clouds over tea


Tea garden along kipsonoi river


The kipsonoi river


African school children’s




Taking rest in church


Thikka road


African banana

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IMG_0502.JPG IMG_0543.JPG


The white crow




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