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For July 09-14,2010 Sakunda and I were assigned to deliver the office eqipments(sediment samplers) to Illam, Mai project site. I had thought this would be a casual site visit with nothing special except we would meet Nabin and make him crazy with stupid discussion on bizzare topics. But thing changed and the visit was as memoriable as other places.

On day one (or rather night one) we left Kathmandu in Agni Yatayat bus. The was night bus, so we were supposed to sleep on night in the bus. But it didn’t happened. The heart attacking speed of bus was really not comfortable. The time used to become extremely tense whenever there was another bus coming from the opposite direction and our driver was in cool mind to overtake the bus ahead of us. It was miracle of mighty that we reached Biratamod (Mod in Jhapali-Fataha word ;).

15 minutes later after we stepped at Mod, we were hit by rain (heavy rainfall, very heavy one). So we had nothing to do except wait for Mr. Deoraj. After Deoraj arrived we kept the equipments in a safe place and had launch. That day we had nothing to do because road was blocked, so we went to Birtnagar(Kanchanwadi) at Sakunda’s uncle house. We also went to Biratnagar city, romed here and there.

Next day we went back to Birtamod. Catched a jeep and went to deliver the equipments. Nabin welcomed us. After walking for 2-3 hour we reached the site. There was still heavy rainfall in the way. Next day, a program was organized to train the local people for the collection of sediment of river. After training we had nothing to do except torturing Nabin with silly jokes. Sakunda was murderer. Later on the night we watched Fifa football final match.

Next day we had to walk to reach Birtamod. Nabin joined us while returing back. The rain followed here and there in our way. The trekking was really funny and good because of the Victim Nabin.

After trekking for 6hours we reached roadhead at Bhanjyang. From there we catched a jeep (yes we were in roof) and travelled to Birtamod. It took about 2 hours. Fikkal is a beautiful place, lying on the way from Illam to Birtamod. We stayed at Birtamod in a hotel that night. We also arranged a ticket to Kathmandu for the next day’s night bus.

Next day we had 12 hours on spare, so with Deoraj we went to see movie in local theater after launch. The movie was stupid, but we killed our time there. Later on the evening after waving bye bye to Nabin, we took our bus to Kathmandu.


Biratnagar chatpate

DSC04814.JPG DSC04835.JPG

On the way to Gunmune

DSC04841.JPG DSC04839.JPG

DSC04882.JPG DSC04880.JPG

Gunmune bagar, Illam

DSC04904.JPG DSC04905.JPG

Soktim tea garden

DSC04911.JPG DSC04910.JPG

Chisapani, Illam


Village on the way

DSC04918.JPG DSC04920.JPG

DSC04927.JPG DSC04940.JPG

DSC04946.JPG DSC04947.JPG

Returing from gunmune to Birtamod




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