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On 5th February 2011, me and my family visited the temple of Maula Kalika. This temple is located at Gaidakot, Nawalparasi.

maulakali temple 2.JPG


Local vendors selling Puja

maulakali sheela stamva pokhari.JPG


The Ganesh Temple

maulakali (14).JPG

Garden at Maulakali

It takes about 1 hrs to ascend to the temple from foot hill. The ascend starts with shops selling puja materials( generally some acheta, mala and coconut). At begining of the journey, there is a temple of lord Ganesh. then the path takes us to the main templa of Maula Kalika in about 50 minutes. The path is filled with tropical vegitation and there are few spots allocated for the picnicers. Summer is surely not good season to go to this place due to very hot climate.

Before we reach the temple there are lines of hotels. We can rest there. Generally, it is ritual to eat after the prayer, hence people have food at these hotels while returning. After we cross these hotels, there is a beautiful garden, with flowers in the diveder walls.

From the top of this hill, beautiful scene of the Narayanghad in the south and Narayani river on the north can be seen. The iconic Narayani Bridge linking east and west of Nepal can be seen from here and this view is quite distinct.

The main temple seemed to be recently constructed.There is a hawan house beside the temple. The temple area was clean and seemed to be maintainde regularly.

It was striking to know that even though this is temple of Kali, animal sacrifice is prohibited.

After the visit, the return trip takes about 45minutes. And if you stop for some food at the hotels, it will take additional few minutes. A small yet beautiful trip to enjoy.

maulakali hawan ghar.JPG

Hawan Ghar


Maulakalika temple

maulakali hotels.JPG

The hotels

maulakali hill shoes.JPG

Shoes in hand


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