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Again, as the duty calls, couldn’t avoid trekking at Taplejung. Seems I am getting pro now. While trekking ,crossing trail bridge without the side support was thrilling moment in this trip. While humor of Mr Pokhrel and Jahagir was the only thing which was making our sence work. After completing the work we returned to Birtamod on the ninth day.As we had booked a ticked for night travel from Birtamod to home we had one day to spare. So we decided touch the eastern border of Nepal.

We went to eastern political border of Nepal where Mechi river seprates Nepal from India. Kakarbhitta of Jhapa lies on the Nepalese side while the other side is West Bangal province of India.This place is also know as Pani Tanki. The western edge of the bridge is the end snapping point of Mahendra highway. The zero mile of this longest highway of Nepal traversing the whole terai region starts from this place.

After crossing the bridge over Mechi river we can touch the familiar ground of India. I felt the people seems more Nepali than Indian in this part. One friend with us tried talking in Hindi to impress however he was bounced back with “Nepali Bolnus“. The people seems to love Nepali Language and Culture rather than core Indian culture.The sign boards were virtually painted in either Nepali or Bengali scripts rather than Hindi. Now I understand why these people are asking for seperate provinance Gorkhaland!


Mechi Bridge


Local Merchent


Raiway track at Panitanki


Panitanki chowk




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