The high end technical professionals who are living in Nepal are partially(or completely) doing works that has been outsourced to Nepal. This means, these group of people who are likely to leave the country has not left the country. This naturally leads to increase in economic activities within the country and keeps the machine rolling.

Today, thousands of Nepalese are in good managerial position in top world class companies while hundreds of thousands are in medium or small companies all over the world. Why not make a collaborative effort by all Nepalese to outsource the work from their residing country to Nepal?

Yes, we are all busy. Family-work balance leads to no time for volunteer activities. But lobbying your company to outsource the work in cheaper market will definitely benefit the company you are working with. Hence leading to win-win situation on both sides. The young people of Nepal can work 18hr per day. They are committed to meet the international standards.

Why not talk to your boss to take a step? Why not you take the first step?

(dreaming again :p)