Pokhara, Pokhara!


This was the second time I visited Pokhara. Jeevan had returned from USA and this was his invitation which was planned almost couple of months before in the facebook. Many were confused about the invitation and some dropped it on the last hour. However some retained their decision (like me!) , Nabaraj, Mishra, Naran, Raja and Naran were those people. Actually I should cancel Mishra as he stays at Pokhara. Again Jeevan’s house is also in Pokhara.


This visit was coupled with strikes and bands called by Maoist. However this strike amplified our fun.





The trip….

Naran, Raja and I departed from Kathmandu and we cached Nabaraj at Besisahar. We reached Pokhara on the last day of 2009AD as scheduled.

First thing first. Boating. We just dropped our bags and directly ran for boating in Fewa lake. Same old of jokes with same old friends, only difference, this time we were in the middle of lake and if something went wrong we were to be wet.! Mystic magnetism.

New year eve was not as good as we had planned, because the density of crowd was too high in the lake side. And all of our guys were lost somewhere, either physically or mentally. Anyway we managed some food and drinks, thanks to Mishara for Dadaghare wine.

Ok we celebrated the new year eve but we were so low on the next day. Thanks to Jan1 that brought some enjoyment in our appetite. As unexpected strike was encountered on the morning we also made instantaneous plan to rome around Pokhara on bicycle. After brief photoshoot at Lakeside we hired some bikes and rided toward Begnas lake. This was my first time visit to this lake, I was excited. From Pokhara to Lekhnath and then to Begnas took almost one hour. Since there was no traffic in highway cycling was really fun.


Nabaraj could practice extreme biking on the way. After Begnas and launch at Jeevan we returned back to Pokhara. Chips like fish (or fish like chips) at Jeevan was delicious ( I was supposed to be vegetarian but couldn’t stop eating those veg eating nonvegs).



Then we ridded to Pame from where we observed some strange creatures falling from sky.. (yeh yeh they were not allian in Parachutes).


At Pame

We stayed at Mishra for the night and only after card meeting with torch light upto 12am guys slept I was already slept by then.

Next day …

We were at temple from where the mountain was seen superbe . After that Mishra left us.

After Mishra left we were taking icecream at Prithvi chowk, it surely was not good thing to get freezed in morning with icecream because next thing we were planning was to ride on top of chilling cold morning. The conductor of the bus was happy with our act because he was gaining extra money by providing our seat to other passenger. But we couldn’t sustain his happiness because when it got extremely cold we had to drop off from the roof.


This was strange, yet fun filled travel.


Machhapuchre in background