With Sajan, this time I had to travel to Siprin Khola for field verification of project works, but there was some extra stuffs stored for us in this journey.

iceFight (5).JPG

On the way

After forgetting to have breakfast at Sharmila’s hotel (the popular hotel of this route at zero kilo) we had fried fish at Khadichaur.

The real thing to share is the ice fight at Mude and Khari Dhunga. There was snow fall the day before and road was filled with snow while sun was still shining. Beautiful combination. And with Sherpa girls around, it was awesome 😉

Sajan, Pawan Yadav, Yam ji and Naresh were our (not so brave) fighters to defend against a experienced troops of Sherpa girls and school children. The school was closed that day to let children to enjoy and play snow!

Slippery was snow, but the grip was strong enough to fight. While escaping the cannon balls of cold snow, body was became sweaty.

With silver color on the background, even the ugly face becomes beautiful. See photographs for proof!

iceFight (12).JPG iceFight (15).JPG

iceFight (19).JPG iceFight (17).JPG

The real work…

As usual the trip ended with inspection of the project and returning back.

However…….there was still more to come on the way back…

Returning back……

On the way back, we had launch at Singati Bazaar and then travelled towards Kathmandu.

On the way, snow was still left on the road at Khari Dhunga. This time, Rabin Nepal was with us and he had missed the fight when we had shown him the photographs. However, this time, there were no troops attacking us. So we could relax and enjoy the beauty of the place.

iceFight (22).JPG iceFight (23).JPG

iceFight (25).JPG