Pame Bazzar


On 18 March 2010 after landing at Pokhara Airport, we travelled to inspect the Modi Hydropower Project which lies about 70Km toward Baglung-Pokhara highway from Pokhara. A huge construction work was being done to generate 10 megawatts of power from water.

After the job was completed we returned to Pokhara to stay overnight. We had dinner at Sangrila and bed at Trek-O-tel. Interesting names!

Next morning I took a bicycle and ride towards Pame, the same place where we had travelled on Jan-1. Boating at Phewa Lake was like mandatory to me because visiting Pokhara without boating and biking is like not visiting Pokhara at all!

When I returned back to hotel after biking I felt hungry and we had to chek out from the hotel as well. So we packed our bags and went to seek out restaurant for launch. In the way I saw a hotel named Hungry Eye Hotel. The name of the hotel striked me really hard because it felt so real to me. I was hungry and my eyes were seeking for a food place and then came the name of the hotel. Amazing it was! But we ate at different place however.